The lovely Toya Wright decided to make a huge splash this year at the 2015 Essence Music Festival buy launching Before Bed Headz a hair accessory that every girl will want to have in her caboodle. Before Bed Headz is not your mama’s head scarf that is scary and rough on your edges. Before Bed Headz is a satin bonnet that allows for protective styling your hair and looking like a classy chick too. The launch party was held at Toya Wright’s New Orleans’ Garb Boutique. Fans came from near and far to check out Before Bed Headz and get their day party on too.

Check out the details below.


Toya Wright has jumped into the arena of hair care with the launch of her Bed Headz “Bonnet Bling” during the 2015 Essence Music Festival. The lovely boss chick held the grand launch party at her Garb Boutique located on Magazine Street in the heart of downtown New Orleans. Ladies from near and far came out to celebrate with Toya and the Before Bed Headz crew. Ladies this is such a cool accessory for your hair box. There’s no more excuses to be walking around looking rough at night when all have you to do is add a little bling to your bed by adding Before Bed Headz.

Check out the fun we had in the images below.

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