So last night after a long day of working on videos and handling, I decided to take a trip to get some good old “homestyle cooking” Mc Donalds. (LOL) Yeah I had a craving for a large size fry. I pull up to the drive thru to request my order of Supersize fries and when I get them the container is half full. I politely asked the drive thru attendant to fill my fry and she looks at me as if I was inconveniencing her. WTF! Why would I pay extra money for the big fry and all you give me is MEDIUM quality? I as I left to head home I began to think about what just took place and and grew madder and madder because this wasn’t the first time that happened. So I did what I knew best I set up my camera and decided to vent to the world about Mc Donalds and their cheap ways.

Check Out the video and please let me know if you are feeling me, keep in mind this video transpired after a few rounds of Ciroc(LOL)… but nonetheless I meant every word I said.

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