Raffles van Exel Leaked Whitney Houston Casket Photo Revealed : Raffles Celebrity Past

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The person who leaked the casket photo of Whitney Houston has finally been revealed. Raffles van Exel is the one personnel at Whigham Funeral Home are blaming. van Exel isn’t anyone famous or important in the industry, he was just part of various celebrities entourages the UrbanDaily reports.

According to reports on Forbes.com, van Exel was at two private casket viewings at the funeral home. Employees of Whigham Funeral Home noticed van Exel as soon as he walked in because he was the only non-family member allowed in the private viewing. It’s said he also traveled with the family from Los Angeles to New Jersey on a private jet. He was even provided with his own bodyguard.

Whigham personnel alerted the Houston family of van Exel when the National Enquirer ran the leaked photo on their cover. A source said the Houstons didn’t do anything about van Exel once they learned of the funeral home’s suspicions. Some of the Whigham employees believe the family is protecting him. We know who leaked the photo of Whitney Houston laying in her casket. What repercussions do yall think Raffles van Exel should face. If you are trying to find out who this guy is read below…

Despite the shock of Whitney’s death, Raffles still made it downstairs to Clive Davis’s party. He was dressed in formal wear, had Whitney’s tickets in his hand, and intended to sit at her table. Just inside the ballroom he was comforted by celebrities to whom he related his story—“I found Whitney.” Gayle King hugged him. Quincy Jones listened patiently to his story. A security guard told me later, “Well, he was up there.” He was also hanging around with Houston all week prior to her death. On Tuesday when she emerged from a nightclub, looking disheveled, Raffles appears in a photograph on TMZ like a deer in headlights. He is standing right behind her in a powder blue suit. On Twitter, he wrote: “STOP reading the stupid blogs.. Whitney had a great time, she looked amazing. Nothing was wrong, it was just DAMN hot in that club.”

Forbs reports But who is Raffles van Exel?
He’s one of Hollywood’s mysteries. I first met him in 2005 hanging around the Jackson family during Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial. After Michael went abroad, Raffles was often seen with Michael’s father, Joseph Jackson. He trades on being an “insider” when there’s a scandal. No one really knows him, but he’s always where there’s action and celebrities. On the internet he claims to own a number of companies including Raffles Entertainment.

He’s also been sued a couple of times, once by a partner in something called Max Records, Inc., and once by a private aviation company in Los Angeles. I spoke to the plane company and they said they can’t comment because the situation is ongoing. On Twitter he claims to be managing “my girl,” Chaka Khan. There are plenty of pictures of Raffles on the internet with celebrities. You can see him with everyone from Magic Johnson to Sandra Bullock. If ever there was a real life Zelig, he is it.

Look for Raffles at Whitney’s funeral tomorrow. In the old days he used to wear a yellow jacket full of black question marks—like The Riddler. On Saturday night, as he pulled in various guests to Clive Davis’s party past the velvet ropes, he was wearing a Michael Jackson-like tuxedo. He lives in West Hollywood now, but his official domicile—and where he’s been sued—is Chicago.

4 Comments to “Raffles van Exel Leaked Whitney Houston Casket Photo Revealed : Raffles Celebrity Past”

  1. Ms Jessica says:

    And cissy’s ass didn’t even apologize to the funeral home!

  2. bin6i92 says:

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  3. Billy Morris says:

    Raffels is a HUGE FRAUD!!!

    This is too weird and crazy! I met this clown here in LA many years ago while working at The William Morris Agency. I was introduced to him by comedian Eddie Griffin who at the time owned a small bar on Sunset Blvd. He had somehow found his way into Eddie’s circle.

    I would then see him all around and notice him with other celebs that I knew or was acquainted with thru work or personal (the late Michael Jackson being one). I could never really figure out this guys angle however, my associates and I were always skeptical about him. I would noticed him at many events and pics with celebs. I always found it weird that he had worked himself into MJ’s circle and was doing the same with so many others although, he would never have a real job title or function.

    Anyway, after MJ’s death and now Whitney’s, I recently asked and began looking around to see if Raffles was anywhere around.. To NO surprise @all, I found him front and center again. Before, during and after!

    My guess is that MUCH MUCH more will begin to come out regarding this guy and who he really works for. Also, I wouldn’t @ all be surprised if he ended up dead or missing to keep from exposing all that he really knows or may be involved with.

    Obviously Raffles is a FRAUD but I doubt that he works alone. There is something very sinister going on here and around him…. Poor job of vetting those around Whitney Pat! Instead of worrying about Mr. Bobby Brown, perhaps there should have been more focus on people this. I certain that Bobby would have seen right through a person like Raffles and not had him in her FAMILY circle.

    God Bless you Ms. Houston and your Family and may you forever Rest In Peace!

  4. madear says:

    this guy is prop a drug enabler or get high person he would be the 1 to trigger u again & make up lies 2 hangaround he prob gets $ form someone big ger

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