My girl Trina is set to be a judge for the new show America’s Best Rapper. Trina has been in the game for a while so I’m sure she will do well. In addition to Trina, producer Rockwilder and video director X will be aiding her and making sure this project becomes a success. Filming for the project is set to start this month in Boston.

After filming is done in Boston, the producers will be using that episode to secure sponsorship to begin planning for spring and summer talent searches out in Raleigh, Tampa, Houston, Little Rock, Baltimore, Detroit, Cleaveland, and Oakland. Looks like this project is going to be big. It will definitely bring something new to the tv biz in America. I know a ton of ambitious rappers who love this opportunity and what better platform than this with credible insiders on the industry.

What do you think of Trina’s new opportunity? Are you excited to see a show like this premiere?

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