Step back you’re dancing kinda close, I feel a little poke coming through on you,” We all remember those infamous lyrics from the International R&B sensation group NEXT. I’m here to report that the face of NEXT, is gearing up for a noteworthy come back. Ladies man RL aka Mr. Butta Love, has dropped his latest smash hit entitled, “Boo’d Up” featuring a very promising BPE hip hop artist Taylor J.

Boo’d Up is the first official single off of RL’s upcoming album entitled, 5:15. The album’s debut date has not yet been set, but a prominent source informed me it will be released later this year. I also had the pleasure of hearing little snippets of RL’s album and let’s just say the REAL R&B is finally back! The interesting element about RL’s artistry is he successfully speaks from a male point of view while penetrating the female mind with the inside scoop on how a real man feels when it pertains to relationships, intimacy, love and male instincts.

RL Single Cover

That’s amazing, if RL is able to accomplish that, I’d say it’s safe to say we can coin him as our new modern day relationship expert! Please stay tune for the premiere of RL’s “Boo’d Up” video soon to drop later this month. Please stay tune for the premiere of RL’s “Boo’d Up” video soon to drop later this month. For your social media desires, RL can be found on twitter at @JustRL Instagram at @JustRL and his personal blog where he pens his intriguing thoughts at

Check out the song below:

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