SWV is coming for the crown on WeTv beating out a certain other show on Thursday nights…

‘SWV Reunited’ on WeTV Thursday night had 1.030 million viewers that tuned in to catch up with our favorite “Sisters With Voices”.  Coko, LeLee and Taj not only premiered their new reality show ‘SWV Reunited’, but Coko and LeLee also spoke with the Breakfast Club Morning Show to help promote their show.

SWV sister2sister swv-freddyo

Back in the day, we all use to jam to their hit singles like ‘Weak’, ‘Right Here’, and ‘Rain’. I can see it now

“I get so weak in the knees I can hardly sleep, I loose all control…” 

My bad, something just came over me and I started jamming all by myself. While on the Breakfast Club, the girls gave us an insider about there preparation for their comeback. It involve a little nip/tuck action.


SWV decided to reunite because they missed each other, and felt as though R&B was dead. What better way to bring it back and plus they have a really strong chemistry when they are on stage. Although they went through their trials and tribulations, they still know that what they did was best.

The music now is just horrible. R&B is dead! We’ve just totally neglected R&B and it’s now turning into some pop BS. SWV, we always wanted to stay true to what music genre belonged to us.

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