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T.I. Shares Parenting Tips on the Arsenio Hall Show!


The big homie TIP was on the Arsenio Hall Show last night  giving advice on how to cope with daughters who are dating. The interview was very candid and he even give advice to Arsenio’s audience on parenting and social media and kids.

Check out the details below.

The big homie TIP was very candid about his ideas and his expectations when it comes to NIQ NIQ and Deyjah and DATING. He joked about the federal government taking all of his guns to keep the boys away. We all know how protective TIP is about his girls and dating. Man it appears to be hard dealing with girls and dating.


T.I. says that he uses a lot of prayer and patience when it comes to dealing with your daughters dating. He goes on to tell Arsenio that he wants his girls to look for men who treat them with the same care and attention that he shows them. I absolutely love T.I. Imagine if all little girls had daddies teaching them how they should be treated oh what a wonderful world it would be!


In addition to sharing daddy and daughter dating tips T.I. gives parenting advice to Arsenio’s audience. He opens up about talking about the birds and bees. T.I. tells the audience it’s on a case by case basis it depends on the child. He says that King was the youngest child to have the sex talk. He says you have to read your child and you must make decision to have that conversation.

T.I. says that it’s a parent’s responsiblity to be mindful of your child’s SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES. He is all over their pages to make sure they are ok.


This was such a fun interview with T.I. and Arsenio Hall. I am glad that their season four is back and that he came to Arsenio to share a little advice!

Video Courtesy: The Arsenio Hall Show / Courtesy CBS Television Distribution

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