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Atl’s own T.I. stopped by “The View” yesterday to talk about family life, his new album, his amazing work ethic and much more.
Check it out!

Rosie and Whoopi sat down for a chat with T.I.

On having six kids:
Earlier in the show during hot topics, the panel discussed having a tracker on children. TIP said he looks to kids’ grandmother to keep them in check.

On making time for everything:
“I do lose sleep. I work tirelessly.”

On keeping kids grounded:
The kids are aware of their parent’s celebrity, and the TV show simply cemented it. T.I. and Tiny just try to guide them into their own personalities.

The homie T.I. is doing big things. Salute.

Will you guys be buying T.I.’s new album later in the month? Leave your comments below.

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