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Kevin Hart is a fool! Get your laugh on at the comedian interrupting James Harden’s interview after the 76ers and the Rockets went head-to-head, plus flicks of Allen Iverson and Meek Mill courtside inside….


Allen Iverson Allegedly Owes Lawyers

Allen Iverson was not only called a bad father in court and lost his Atlanta mansion to foreclosure auction but now his lawyer is claiming he has not paid legal fees of up to $60,000.  READ MORE

Allen Iverson Officially Loses Atlanta Mansion In Auction

Allen Iverson is officially homeless well with his Atlanta mansion that is. The former NBA superstar has lost his mansion to a foreclosure auction. The bank took the home at a steal too. Details inside.


Allen Iverson Stricks $3 Million Divorce Battle Deal


The divorce settlement is final as a long battle between former NBA star Allen Iverson and now ex wife, Tawanna. It only took $3 million to end the drama.


Allen Iverson Wants A New Judge In Divorce Case

allen-iversonAllen Iverson is requesting a new judge in his divorce case. He is claiming the current judge unethically does legal favors for campaign contributors. Iverson feels as if the judge will ‘screw’ him over like other celebrity cases.


Allen Iverson, former NBA star, is not going to let his beautiful Atlanta mansion just go up in a foreclosure action.  READ MORE