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Omarion on Lil Fizz Dating His Baby Mama, Apryl Jones

Omarion on Lil Fizz Dating His Baby Mama, Apryl Jones… Check out the full interview READ MORE



Are you that wifey that found out her hubby fathered a child with another woman during your marriage? Typically, he’ll try to make sure the other woman doesn’t have the baby…so not to disrupt home. But when the side-chick decides to keep the baby, all HELL can break loose!



The homie Chief Keef is in the news again; he has failed to pay child support. According to Chief Keef’s baby mama he’s a DEADBEAT that has not paid any child support but he walks around with stacks of cash in his pockets.

Say it aint so! READ MORE


It seems like Kordell is moving along just fine. Close sources say that Kordell was spotted at church this past Sunday with his babymama Tania Richardson. The drama doesn’t end there either. Apparently, his babymama was supposed to be one of the original Real Housewives of Atlanta but she didn’t do it because of Kordell.  Plus, it was recently leaked that Porsha may have be an evangelist at one point in time. Get more details on this inside. READ MORE

Future’s Baby Mama Demands More Child Support


The baby mama drama for Future will never be over it seems. This time, it’s because his baby mama wants more child support from him. Look inside for more details. READ MORE

Future, You ARE The Father!

Future can officially say, I am the father. He took a DNA test to prove he is the father of his 10 year old son. There has been a lot of controversy about this and even some beef between baby mama and new girlfriend Ciara. READ MORE

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