Beyonce and Solange Performs at Coachella 2014!

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Coachella 2014 is one for the history books there was the REUNION of Outkast and now the Knowles girls have taken the Coachella stage to do a rare concert.
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Is Beyonce’s Little Brother Living In A Homeless Shelter?

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If the new rumors are true, I swear Beyonce’s new little brother is gonna be like Brandy and Ray-J’s illegitimate half-brother C-Dove. Angry and bitter.

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Legal Looney Tunes: Beyonce Sued By Two Concertgoers!

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Beyoncé gets hit with a lawsuit from two ‘fans’. Checkout the nonsense below.

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Beyonce Shows New Pics of Baby Blue Ivy!

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Beyonce shares new Blue Ivy pics. Checkout the awwwdorable pictures below.

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Beyonce Wraps Successful “The Mrs. Carter Tour w/ Emotional Thank You!

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Beyonce Super Power Video

The beautiful Beyonce sure know she can cry. The lovely performer was brought to an emotional cry that could best be described as UGLY as her MASSIVE “The Mrs. Carter Tour” ends its run.

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Shock-Jock Claims @S_C_ Is Really 50 Years Old!

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Beyonce’s age has been a topic of discussion for years, many, present company included, believes she shaved off a few years. But could her hubby HOV really be 50 years old, and NOT 42 like he claims?? The scandal. See below.

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Beyonce Blind Item!

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Did the Queen Bey really use her V-Card to work her way through the business? If you believe in the tawdry gossip. Read below.

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Drake Gives Insight Working w/ @Beyonce Thru Diddy’s Revolt!

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Though the momentum of Beyonce’s power move with her ‘visual album’ is almost gone, Drake offers up some inside scoop  on just how Bey was able to pull it off. At least as it concerns his collab.

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Blue Ivy Offers @Beyonce Background Vocal Assistance In Newly Released Grammy Footage!

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Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.36.10 AM

A tender moment between Queen and her Blue Ivory Princess is caught on camera. Well kinda. Read More »

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