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Big Sean Illegally Downloaded J.Cole’s Album?

Detroit rapper, Big Sean  admits to illegally downloading J. Cole’s album Cole World. Unfortunately,  J. Cole’s album was leaked on the internet before it hit stores. However, he did clarify that he did buy the album once it hit stores.   In an interview with Rap-Up tv, Big Sean gives his opinion on J. Cole’s album. READ MORE

Kelly Rowland is at it again, working with director Sarah Chatfield on two new singles, “Lay It On Me”and “Down For Whatever.” Sarah Chatfield worked with Kelly on “Motivation” and it seems she liked Chatfield’s work. was able to get us some photos from the video shoot for “Lay It On Me” and it includes elephants and Kelly Rowland in catsuits. Rowland gets on the back of her male dancers in one scene, showing her sexual prowess and holds a foil cape in another scene.

“Down For Whatever” will be her international track.

Spotted @Rap-Up

Check out the photos and songs below: READ MORE

Big Sean Appears In Court For Sex Abuse Charges

Early August, rapper Big Sean was charged with sexual abuse, forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment to a fan after a concert. Yesterday he appeared in court alongside his partner in crime Willie Hansbro. As of now, a judge has ordered a gag order during the trial because the fan is underage (she’s 17). READ MORE

Rapper Big Sean is over in the U. K. busy performing shows but he did find the time to do an interview with Tim Westwood. This interview is juicy to say the least. Big Sean gave out details of how he’s signing women’s chest overseas and even how his mother caught him in the act on his first time. Sean was also sure to make it known that he’s got a ride or die chick by his side that he’s been with since he was 19 (he’s 23 now). He told Tim Westwood how she allowed him to sleep on her couch before they were even together, looked out for him, supported him at all of his shows when the crowd only consisted of her and her friends. READ MORE

Yesterday Big Sean performed his first London concert and shared the stage with Kanye West during a performance of the song Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay. Big Sean appeared in his usual fitted cap and was shirtless. Kanye came out for the last song and drove the crowd wild as you can see from the video footage. READ MORE

Adidas has released their commercial for their Fall 2011 season All Originals campaign. The new ad features hip hops from the past and the present with scenes featuring Big Sean and Snoop Dogg. In the video we see Snoop Dogg sporting super fresh braids and Big Sean working up a sweat at a concert. Four styles of Adidas shown are Superstar, Gazelle, Campus, and my personal favorite Samoa. READ MORE

Big Sean Brings His Mom Out On Stage (VIDEO)

Rapper Big Sean brought his mom out on stage recently. Some have already accused Sean of doing this as a pr effort to help his image being that he was recently arrested for forcibly touching a fan. In my opinion, it was a heartfelt dedication as he told fans on stage, ” My mom been paying for my studio sessions since I was 13 years old. Man I been doing this rap stuff. When times was looking damp, when a lot of people was saying, when my family was looking at me crazy for not going to college, man she was always there”. READ MORE

Big Sean Arrested For Forcible Touching

Last night was a whirlwind for rapper Big Sean. After a concert in New York, he was arrested for something that I’m sure you will find surprising. A “fan” claims that she was sexually abused by Big Sean and another guy named Willie Hansbro. Things got so out of hand that the New York State park police arrested Big Sean and Willie Hansbro for forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment, and sex abuse. However, they were both released upon the post of $500 bond. READ MORE