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Future, You ARE The Father!

Future can officially say, I am the father. He took a DNA test to prove he is the father of his 10 year old son. There has been a lot of controversy about this and even some beef between baby mama and new girlfriend Ciara. READ MORE


Chief Keef who is 17 year old rapper is already part of the baby mama drama. He allegedly has a child with a middle schooler who is filing for child support.  READ MORE

Chad Johnson Still Rich & Unemployed


Chad Johnson is not longer employed  with the NFL team but he is still getting an income of over $66,000 a month. READ MORE

Terrell Owens Community Service Hours Complete


Terrell Owens finally finished up his community service hours he was ordered to do as a court order. Check out where he did his 8 hours. READ MORE

Kid Cudi Gives Up On Custody Battle Over Daughter

Kid Cudi will no longer fight for his rights of his daughter. He has been going through a tough custody battle and has thrown the white flag to his baby mama. READ MORE

Bow Wow  as we all know has a beautiful daughter who is 1 year-old. He is scheduled to pay child support and has withheld some crucial financial information from the judge. READ MORE