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KISS….Keep It Simple Sistah! ~Doc Mel

KISS Book Cover TemplateSistahs, this is a Call-to-Action!

This very short and to the point “pocket-book” is an attempt to provide a straight from the heart guide to address some of the lifestyle and behavior challenges we are now facing. Many of our choices as African-American women have severed our community and we are now bleeding to death! READ MORE


I had the opportunity to sit through two cases and watch Judge Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court as they prepared for season 2.

Who’s the daddy?

Check out the details below.

Singer Usher Sells Tameka’s House at $2.2 Million

Picture 166

After two years of placing his marital home with Tameka Raymond on the market, Usher finally sells at a huge loss…


Eve’s Thoughts on Raising Biracial Children


Eve is in a serious relationship with British businessman Maximillion Cooper. She has been candid about the advantages/disadvantages of dating someone of a different race/nationality. She recently revealed her ideas on raising biracial children to Vibe Vixen. Check it out!  READ MORE

Akon…… You ARE The Father!!!

Singer/Rapper/Producer Akon has really kept with his traditional african roots and is sowing his oats abundantly.  The creator of Konvict Records, reportedly in 2007 was already a father to 5 children with 3 different mothers, then had 2 more children out of wedlock in 2008 and 2009.


FDA Upset With Online Sperm Donor

The FDA has reasons to believe that a California man has already fathered 14 children through donating his sperm to willing women over the internet! They have made actions to ensure that he will not donate anymore of his sperm and considers his act against the law. The agency have even gone as far as to calling him a “manfactur of human cells”…..I wonder was that his response when he was asked as a child what he wanted to be when he grew up. According to the FDA he is not following procedure by going through sperm banks but issuing his sperm through his own website…..check inside for more details on this developing story. READ MORE

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