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Are You Done Or Are You Finished?

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If you are one of those people like me who is not really into sports but still somehow knows exactly what happened last night in the NBA finals because it was the only thing people were talking about, raise your hand! Yay, well however many of you this actually applies to, I’m here to enlighten you that this post s actually about the comments after the game. The Cleveland Cavaliers which is Lebron James and Kyrie Irving’s team won last night, so you can only imagine how petty people were, right?

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Apparently people started going on Kehlani’s page commenting mad “L’s” under all her pictures and calling her all kinds of names. I actually have no idea what people think that does or what they were trying to accomplish but it was a fail. The devil is a liar and Kehlani is unbothered. Like what is your purpose?

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People can never let anything go, they don’t want to see you win Kehlani but I am here to let your talented, genuine, and authentic soul know that we do need you. I wish everyone would mind their business because it’s so simple.


Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Congratulations to Kyrie Irving and keep shining and growing Kehlani!

Lebron and the Royals


Piers Morgan from “Piers Morgan Live” to Lebron James:

“You do not touch the royals!”

Lebron James took it upon himself to put his arm around Kate Middleton after the Cav’s win over the Nets at the Barclay’s Center on Monday.

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OMG: LeBron James Heading Back to Cleveland!


LeBron James is moving his talents from Miami to Cleveland. He has decided to let Bygones be Bygones and move back home.

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Word on the street is Keyshia Cole is pissed and said to be beefing with her husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson, who allegedly made her fire her manager, one of my mentors and homies Manney. READ MORE

Cleveland Cavaliers Fire Coach Mike Brown

Hawks Cavaliers Basketball is reporting that coach Mike Brown is a done deal in Cleveland. The Cavaliers head coach was let go in the wee hours after his five-year run failed to yield an NBA championship. The Cavaliers fired him before a midnight deadline Sunday night to avoid paying him his full $4.5 million salary for next season. READ MORE