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Matters of the HEART…


“Your heart is the most sacred place in the universe. You deserve the most supreme, kind, gentle, illuminating love and most trust worthy guardians of this holy embodiment of you. You deserve to be held in truth. With hands that want to continue to sculpt you and help carry you into a better you. Do not let another moment pass where you aren’t receiving this respect. This love. This is your home. Your precious treasure. Your life force. Don’t just let anyone in. Only let those who come in your highest reverence and honor enter your divine temple. Take care of you. You are luminous.” These words borrowed from “Holistic Healers” are so profound. READ MORE

Spring RENEWAL …Can you stand the RAIN?



Springtime is officially here! It’s a new season and we should seek new beginnings… Life-strategies should burst with a new supply of energy as we aim for new successes. During the spring season we all know that April showers bring May flowers; and in our lives we should anticipate some rain as well. The question is, “Can you stand the rain?”…the rain that falls as the clouds turn gray amidst all of the thunder and lightning, that the storms of life can bring our way. READ MORE

It ain’t a BLESSING, if you had to SIN to get it!


To understand this should go without having to explain it, but it’s crazy just how confused some people really are. It’s highly offensive when people say something is a blessing (of special favor, mercy, or benefit) that is rooted in sin.




Have you ever sat back and observed successful people? There are very distinct differences between those who are successful and those who are unsuccessful. Here are some general observations that tend to be consistent: READ MORE


inner beast

Now is the time to unleash the beast within you! As the New Year comes thru…there’s no better time than the present to just make it happen! It’s as simple as not looking back. You can’t undo what has already been done. So, focus only on moving forward. Don’t ever let your past mistakes dictate your future. Commit to making each day of 2016 of benefit to you. READ MORE

Gotta be R.E.A.L.

Get-RealAre you desperately seeking reality in this delusional world? As this year comes to an end, we should reflect on what’s really REAL in our lives. It may be necessary to hit the re-set button as 2016 approaches to re-calibrate our inner compass. Let’s get R.E.A.L. and take the time to focus on our R.elationships, E.nvironments, A.ctions and L.egacies! READ MORE