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Kim Burrell’s homophobia got her ejected from an appearance on Ellen this week, and if Frank Ocean’s mom has her way that won’t be the only thing the gospel legend is suddenly removed from this week. Frank’s mom Katonya took to Twitter right after to make one simple request to her son: “Can we crop Kim Burrells [sic] voice out of your song??”



Superstar vocalist Mariah Carey has officially announced she will be joining the illustrious headliner ranks of Celine Dion, Bette Midler, and Cher with her first ever Caesars Palace residency!

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As bloggers, we tend to bask in the lime light of people’s scandals, disastrous outtakes and more. But sometimes you need a little feel good. And that’s where this story of man who went from homelessness to healing, and is giving back in a major way. See below.



The big homie Kanye West sat down with Ellen to discuss his new baby, his relationship and premier his new video for Bound 2 featuring Charlie Wilson and a topless Kim K. In addition he wants America to know that he’s AWESOME! Yes Kanye is AWESOME he compares himself to Jesus and Steve Jobs.

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Rihanna Leaves Drake Speechless On Ellen


Ellen is known for making her guest blush, and she did just than when Drake stopped by her show. READ MORE

Rihanna stopped by the Ellen show recently and had a mouth full to say! In her Q&A with Ellen,  the star talked about how being single sucks for her and her private spots and even got blunt saying that she doesn’t want to be the man in her relationship. All of this makes sense but I could see how the roles could get confusing with Riri making racks on racks on racks. Check inside for the funny video clips. READ MORE