Judge Dismisses Coleman Ex’s Claims Of Common Law Marriage

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A Utah judge says it’s not enough that Gary Coleman and his ex-wife shared a roof after their divorce to award Shannon Price custody of the actor’s estate.


The judge says evidence does not prove Price’s claims that her relationship with Coleman met the state’s standards of common-law marriage.


Price is in a legal battle with Coleman’s longtime friend and business associate Anna Gray over the rights to his estate.


The dispute stems from several wills the former “Diff’rent Strokes” star drafted before his death in 2010.

A 2005 will names Gray as Coleman’s executor and heir.


But Price claims Coleman named her as his sole heir in a handwritten amendment he made to the will in 2007. Gray says Price’s claim to Coleman’s estate was voided by their divorce. She believes the judge’s ruling will clear the way for her to formally assume the role of executor of the estate.

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Gary Coleman’s Death Ruled An Accident

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(10/7/2010)  “Whachu talkin’ ’bout?”  Police have confirmed that “Diff’rent Strokes” actor Gary Coleman’s death has been ruled an accident.Santaquin Police Chief Dennis Howard said an autopsy said Coleman died of natural causes after his fall.The state medical examiner’s conclusions bring the police investigation into the death to a close, Howard said. The 42-year-old actor died at a Provo hospital two days after his fall. He was taken off life support after suffering a brain hemorrhage.   Coleman’s adult life was plagued with heath and legal problems. Read More »

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Globe Tabloid Paid $10,000 For Gary Coleman Death Pics

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The Globe magazine has been outed as the tabloid that purchased photos of Gary Coleman’s last moments, and the price tag was $10,000. His ex-wife, Shannon Price, reportedly took photos of the actor as he lay in a coma in the hospital, then, shopped the pictures to various tabloid outlets.

A magazine insider tells Popeater.com that the photos “are so tasteless that none of the glossy magazines wanted to bid on them. This allowed Globe to get them so cheap.” Read More »

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Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife Cashing In On His Death!

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Gary Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price has been cashing in on his death by granting interviews for a pretty penny! She’s been trying to get up to $50K for an interview — even offering a tour of their home where Gary fell! Shannon’s also claiming that she’s broke, despite saying in interviews that Gary would buy her “high-end stuff.” She says:

“I mean, I don’t know how I’m going to survive. It’s been a rough while because Gary hasn’t had much work because of his health…now I basically have nothing… I’m just wishing and hoping that people will pour out to us and really show their compassion like they have been sending the letters and emails.”

Why she don’t get a job, instead of asking others to pay her bill? What yall think?

P.S. Don’t she look crazy something not right?

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Gary Coleman’s Funeral Has Been Canceled

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Gary Coleman’s funeral has been canceled. For now. I hope they hurry up. Folks treat funerals like concerts… The actor was supposed to be laid to rest sometime this weekend, but plans are on hold as Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price and estranged parents are feuding over his body. “The family [his parents] has different plans than what is in Gary’s will,” said Coleman’s agent, Shielia Erickson. Our source reports that “No one’s come forward with what appears to be a valid will,” according to Coleman’s Gary’s attorney Randy Kester. But Todd Bridges, his old tv pal said he has a secret will. Read More »

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Gary Coleman’s Estranged Parents Think He Might Have Been Killed + Funeral Plans Announced

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The homies over at Straightfromthea are reporting that when Gary Coleman passed away last week at just 42 years old, he was estranged from his parents, Willie and Sue Coleman. Gary had sued the Colemans, his adoptive parents, years ago and accused them of mismanaging his earnings as a child star and the family never reconciled after the long drawn out court case.

Gary’s parents kept up with their estranged son’s life was through headlines: his marriage, his legal problems, and finally, his hospitalization. They learned of his death from news reports as well and are now questioning his death. Coleman’s Mom and Dad recently spoke with People about their concerns: Read More »

Gary Coleman Dead At The Age of 42

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“Diff’rent Strokes” actor Gary Coleman has died. He was admitted to a Utah hospital on Wednesday after reportedly suffering a brain hemorrhage due to a fall. TMZ.com reports his wife made the decision to take him off life support this morning.

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Oh No! Gary Coleman In Critical Condition!!!!

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Update: Gary Coleman died today. RIP

Former child television star Gary Coleman is in critical condition near his Utah home, a hospital spokeswoman said Thursday.  Just recently, he suffered a seizure on the set of “The Insider.” Read More »

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OH Snap! Gary Coleman Says “F*@K All of You” on The Insider

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PLEASE, don’t ever, ever, ever piss Gary Coleman off. Pretty please.

Gary Blows Up at our panel in one of the most tense moments we’ve ever seen. Watch Gary as the drama unfolds. SEE IT ALL ON THE INSIDER WEDNESDAY 2/17/10

I got one question, “What you talking bout, Gary?”. Check it out! Read More »

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