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Issa Rae Confirms ‘Insecure’ is to End with Season 5

Our favorite awkward black girl, Issa Rae, confirms that “Insecure” is to end with its fifth season! Over the last several years we have grown to love Issa, Molly and even Lawrence. What will we do now that one of our fave series is ending?

Check it out below!

Issa Rae stops by the Daily Variety studio to talk about the new season of her HBO comedy series “Insecure.” She also talks to host Audrey Yap about her new films “The Photograph” and “The Lovebirds” and why it’s so important to tell stories about interracial couples.

“The Photograph” stars reveal who should make the first move in relationships and share the importance of their new film. Check out more below : READ MORE

[Engaged] Congrats to Issa Rae

Congratulations to Issa Rae is engaged. She been rocking a whole engagement ring lately and come to find out Issa bout to be a whole wife in these streets. 


The season 3 premiere of HBO’s Insecure opens with Issa writhing and screaming beneath a sweating, thrusting Daniel, the ex-boyfriend/plaything introduced last season. It turns out that Issa is imagining the hookup; Daniel is actually nailing another (very vocal) young woman, and Issa is forced to listen from her spot on Daniel’s couch. The interplay between what these characters desire and what they end up with has been a constant theme throughout Insecure’s history, one which continues with this season’s opener.

Issa Rae’s character, Issa, on her hit HBO show “Insecure” has a part-time gig as a Lyft driver but she tried to sign up as a driver for the ride-hailing app in real life just two years ago. “I rented a car to write the first episodes [of the second season of the show] in December, and the rental car that I had, I drove it all the way to Malibu,” the Los Angeles native said.

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