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Jason Collins Lands A Job, Signs w/ Brooklyn Nets!


When basketball star Jason Collins came out of the closet last year, many were scratching their heads. Not because he was gay but because he wasnt an actual player on any current team.

Well it looks like somebody offered homie a job.


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Lil Wayne Commends Jason Collins

lil-wayne-commends-jason-collinsLil Wayne is coming out in support of NBA center Jason Collins. Collins became the first male athlete in a major to professional sport to reveal that he’s homosexual. READ MORE

watch-washington-wizards-jason-collins-announced-hes-gayThe internet has been going crazy after Washington Wizards center Jason Collins announced he’s Gay. Collins told ABC News it’s “mind-boggling” to be the first openly gay athlete in a major American team sport, but he never set out to be first and is waiting for someone else to “raise their hand” and follow his lead.

“That’s kind of mind-boggling. I think I talk about that. That, you know, I never set out to be the first,” Collins told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview Monday night. READ MORE