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My blogger buddy The Jasmine Brand spilled some tea about the Tupac movie coming out this weekend, All Eyez on Me!  She said new details have surfaced as to why John Singleton is not producing All Eyez On Me, the film about the late rapper Tupac. The film’s producer LT Hutton says that ultimately they had creative differences with Singleton. In fact, Hutton says that Singleton wanted to add a scene where Pac got raped in prison. He also says that Singleton wanted to add an anal scene as well. Hutton explains,


The raped in jail stuff – yeah, he wanted to put that in there….He wanted to start the movie off: Tupac goes in the studio – one guys in the studio, he’s getting head….Tupac is with the other girl and these girls are white and Tupac tries to give her anal. 

John Singleton Wanted Tupac To Be Raped In Jail In Movie, Attempted Anal w/ White Girl

Hutton continues,

Now first of all anal wasn’t even around at that type of time — it wasn’t cool yet.

Continuing with how Singleton wanted to do the scene, he adds,

The girl denies him [Tupac]. He kicks her out. And he tells the white girls to Go home to tell your dad you got f*cked by a n*gga today. End scene. 

Hutton says,

What movie is that bro?

Hutton also hints that Singleton was fired from the project. See the clips below.



Singer and former model Tyrese Gibson has been wooing the world with his vocal and acting abilities since the 1990s. For nearly two decades, we have witnessed Gibson’s transformation from a young black boy from the ghettos of Watts, California to a global R&B sensation. So what would it be like to pick the brain of a man who has written two books and released six albums? INTENSE! And no, not a bad over-dramatized intensity, but instead a powerfully raw and passionate intensity!

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Spanky Hayes career is OVER! Well, at least according to R&B singer/actor Tyrese! The singer heard the offensive comments that Hayes made about him and posted a video to SHUT HIM DOWN!

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Acclaimed film maker John Singleton has announced that he’s getting read to re-write, direct and produce the highly anticipated Tupac Shakur Biopic. Hip Hop Fiends get ready but this movie is sure to be EPIC!

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John Singleton To Sue Paramount Pictures

Director John Singleton is pissed! Back in 2005 he gave Paramount Pictures and MTV Films the right to distribute his highly acclaimed film Hustle & Flow. However, those rights came at the promise of Paramount promising to fiance and distribute two additional films in the future. Apparently, Paramount isn’t keeping their word and now John Singleton wants $20 million…minimum. READ MORE