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Kobe Bryant is back with a commercial for his latest sneaker, black and gold colorway, the video features Kobe and Kanye West. Catch the commercial below just in case you’re curious or you love sneakers.

Kanye West didn’t become a successful person overnight. He was bound to be a successful man since when he was child.


According to a video posted to YouTube, Kanye West went on stage of a Martin Luther King Day celebration at Chicago’s Vanderpol Elementary School in 1990 and read a poem he wrote for Dr. King.


He was presumably 12 when he wrote and read the poem titled “His Name Means Love.”


The way he walked up to the stage, got his papers together and said, “My Name is Kanye West” was something made everyone say that someday he’s gonna be somebody.


Check out the video from 1990 below, followed by a transcription of the poem he wrote.

His Name Means Love
“A man who fought for freedom
A man who fought for equality
Those who were against him
Were too blind to see
what this man was fighting for
So Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Asians could put their foot in the door
Yes, we know that this man is great
That’s why today we celebrate
And everyone lifts their voice and sing
For a man who wanted freedom to ring
Martin Luther King is who I’m speaking of
A man who’s name means love”

Spotted @ NecoleBitchie.


Kanye Shares Random Thoughts In Twitter Vent

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Reality superstar Kim Kardashian has always said that she and Kanye West were just friends. But is that really so?

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Kanye West was spotted at a New Year’s Eve party  DJ’ing by the name of “DJ World Jeezy.”

According to sources, the party was hosted by Fergie in Las Vegas. Kanye played a 3-hour set and played songs including Rihanna’s We Found Love, some old school classics by MJ and others. He also played his own songs including “Nigga’s In Paris” for as many as 5 times.

Sources added that Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music family was also at the party. However, the people who paid a really big chunk of money ($275 to $15,000) to attend the party did not seem too happy with their new DJ’s performance.  Some of them took to twitter to express their frustration with their DJ in a polite way. Two of those tweets go as the following:

Looks like Kanye West won’t have a good career in DJ’ing, right? Or do you think he’ll improve over time? See more photos from the event in the gallery.

Spotted at I Am Cocoa. Photos from NecoleBitchie.

According to sources, Kanye West and Jay managed to bag a whooping amount of $6 million from a Christmas show in Dubai.

Despite being a country where Christmas isn’t celebrated that widely, the two singers made $6 million from the show held in there. The show took place a few days before Christmas. Guess who arranged it? Manchester City Football Club owner Sheikh Mansour. READ MORE