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Kanye West plans to start a church



Kanye West’s Sunday Service has been such a success that sources say he is thinking of starting a church. Does this mean more creative Kanye instrumentation blended with gospel? We are super excited to find out.


Is Kanye West Showing A Jealous Streak?


As we are all simmering down from the hype of the Met Gala and the outfits we saw, it seems that things have heated up with the best dressed Kardashian couple on the scene, that night. It’s has been reported that Kanye West fired his bodyguard because he was talking to his wife Kim Kardashian. Now, does this sound like something we think Kanye would do?

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Kanye isn’t the jealous type he is too certain of himself, right? Which is why he confronted the story saying that he did not even hire the guard. He was hired through Kanye’s security company. This man has worked for them before and I’m pretty sure the bodyguards talk to the celebrities all the time, so what makes this situation different?


Well Kanye, continues, saying that the man was only hired for a temporary job that night when they needed extra coverage, which was an understood agreement between the two parties. Kanye didn’t have a problem with him talking to Kim at all but after recent suspicions of him using this story for publicity, it might be his last time working for them forever!

What’s the lesson here? Never push your luck.



Uh oh, it appears that the big homie @Drake was not at all happy about his recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Drizzy turned to Twitter to vent this morning letting everyone know that he was not at all pleased with Rolling Stone’s antics, and even vowing that he was done with doing interviews.

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Drake & Kanye Attend Yeezus Afterparty In Toronto

drake-and-kanyeDrake attended the Yeezus Tour in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre.  Towards the end of the concert Kanye thanked the “Rap God” Drake for coming out to the show.  After the concert, Drake and Kanye headed to Hoxton where Drake grabbed the mic to perform ”Worst Behavior” and “Headlines”. Check out some clips from Drake and Ye in the club below.  READ MORE

DSC_2969Sources all over the web are saying that Kanye West’s Yeezus tour is bleeding red ink.  Get the details inside.  READ MORE

[VIDEO] Kanye West Goes Off On Sway In Shade 45 Interview


The Passion of Kanye West.  That is what we are seeing right now in these New York interviews.  After Sway asks Kanye why he won’t empower himself instead of begging corporations to back him Yeezy goes IN on Sway  Kanye flipped out on Sway disrespecting him claiming “you know nothing, you know nothing about this!” over and over again. Sway acted and talked like a gentleman, not raising his voice much, trying to cool Kanye down.  Check out the interview below.  Kanye gets pissed at the 17:00 mark. READ MORE