Mike Epps And Kevin Hart Beef On Twitter

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Comedians Mike Epps and Kevin Hart got into a  Twitter war today. The two got into a twitter rant earlier last year and here they are back at it again. Details inside. Read More »

Suge Knight & Katt Williams In Club Fight

Contributing Writer Dec 29 12 2 Comments
Yet again, Katt Williams, is in some kind of trouble. This time it was with his good friend Suge Knight. Knight was involved in a fight outside of a Hollywood club which ended in him almost running over people in his SUV. This all took place just a few hours after Williams was released from jail. Read More »

Katt Williams $4 Million Tax Lien

Contributing Writer Dec 28 12 0 Comments

katt-williams1Katt Williams has been out of control lately but now it’s time for the IRS to make things a little more complicated for him. The IRS just took a tax lien from Williams worth over $4 million.

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Comedian Katt Williams is back in the red and blue lights once again as he was detained by the police after allegedly causing a disturbance in a Hollywood subways station.

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Video: Katt Williams Hits Audience Member With Microphone

Contributing Writer Dec 10 12 2 Comments

Katt Williams has spun OUT OF CONTROL. His anger and acts of crazy behavior are at an all time high. This weekend Williams hit an audience member with his microphone which knocked the man in the head. See the video inside.  Read More »

Katt Williams Arrested For Alleged Battery

Contributing Writer Nov 15 12 3 Comments

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested YET again. This time it was in connection with a fight at a club in Oakland. Read More »

Katt Williams Allegedly Punches Assistant

Contributing Writer Nov 10 12 1 Comment

Katt Williams is back on the legal news front. He is currently being sued for allegedly punching his FEMALE assistant, Melissa Ishage, and causing her permanent injuries. The suit is for $5 million.

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Katt Williams Says Faizon Love Is A Bald-Faced Rat

eleven Oct 21 12 2 Comments

Earlier this week Faizon Love told TMZ that he feared for his life when Katt Williams pulled a gun out on him in the parking lot of a Los Angeles nightclub. TMZ caught up with Katt Williams where he shared his feelings about Faizon and the allegations.

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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Reunion Question of the Night: How Old is Karlie Redd ?

tdaniels Aug 28 12 2 Comments

How old is Karlie Redd?

That was the question of the night, and it was left a mystery by the end of the episode. This left everyone looking for answers and apparently Eric Norwood of the Carolina Panthers thinks he has some other info about Karlie that might give us a clue. This is what he had to say on twitter as reported by balleralert,

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