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Katt Williams stopped by popular Atlanta radio station, V-103 on Friday, and made headlines after making jaw-dropping jokes about radio host, Wanda Smith-Sellers. The interview, which was recorded, showed Williams and Smith taking jabs at each other, but it seems like Williams comments hit a little too close to home. After Smith made a comment about Williams’ hair, the comedian then began to speak in reference to the radio personality’s career, weight, and hair. Before Smith could have transferred the blame of the video going viral on the radio’s digital department, her husband tried to make amends to the comments made about his wife, over the weekend.

Katt Williams is accused of attempting to use his celebrity to bend the laws for himself. An alleged assault victim is demanding the court force the comedian to be grilled under oath during a deposition and is accusing him of trying to use his fame to avoid responsibilities.


Katt Williams At It Again?


Katt Williams was arrested for punching an unknown woman in the face for no apparent reason. Katt’s life has not been going as smooth as it could have been for the past 4 years, I would like to say. He has not been in the media like he used to be in the past for having banger comedy shows. It is no secret that he has been on drugs and he has been on drugs very heavy which are key factors that are responsible for his reckless actions.

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According to TMZ, officers responded to a call where a woman accused Katt Williams of hitting her. The call came from Sportsmans Lodge Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. Katt was arrested as he is not foreign to this kind of treatment from the police because again lately he has been all in the justice system.


He is in custody now and the bail is set at $20,000 dollars. There were visible but minor injuries on the woman’s face but she is charging him with battery. I honestly think that he needs to get therapy and be in rehab because this has been going on for too long without any major consequences.

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This week continues to get worse and worse for comedian Katt Williams after being arrested multiple times his girlfriend, a former member of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Hazel E, breaks off her relationship with Williams after a S.W.A.T team raided his home at gunpoint.

TMZ caught Hazel E at LAX as she was getting off of a plane from Georgia. Hit “read more” to see what she had to say.


Back On The Scene:Katt Williams is Released On Bond

Katt Williams is having one of the worst weeks you could have. Legal issues, public embarrassment, and his dancing skills being heavily critiqued the comedian is now out of jail and will hopefully get his head clear. READ MORE

Comedian Katt Williams has had a rough couple of weeks. Over the weekend he was performing at Beanie Sigel’s show and had a run in with an unidentified man and ended up getting KNOCKED THE __________ OUT. What is really going on with Katt Williams?

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