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Lamar Addresses Addiction Rumors [VIDEO]



Lamar Odom insists that “life is good” even though rumors of him being addicted to crack cocaine continue to become more and intense.


Lamar Odom Is NOT In Rehab


Lamar is not in rehab.

People reported that Lamar checked into a rehab facility earlier this week, but TMZ is now reporting that this is not true. READ MORE

Source Says Khloe And Lamar Are Not Separated


TMZ reports that Lamar is finally back home.

The celebrity news site reported that Lamar returned home Monday after Khloe kicked out of their house when he refused her attempt at an intervention.

Photos were snapped of Lamar packing his things in his car and leaving the house last Wednesday, and he had been missing since.

According to Jeff Schwartz, Lamar’s agent, Khloe knew exactly where he was, and a source told E! News that rumors of their separation were false.

At any rate, Khloe is determined to help Lamar get his life back on track, and that Lamar is now “open to reason and listening to the people who love him the most.”

TMZ goes on to report that no decision has been made on possible treatment, but Lamar is “receptive.”


Source: TMZ, New York Daily News

Written by Danie Buchanan

Khloe And Lamar Move Toward Divorce?


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are separated, but they have yet to move toward divorce.

According to TMZ Khloe and Lamar have been having issues for a while stemming from Lamar’s reported crack addiction. Khloe has been dealing with and hiding Lamar’s addiction for most of their marriage, and her family, along with the public is just recently finding out about what really has been going on with them.

TMZ reports that Lamar has had a drug problem for two years, and Khloe even pressured him to go to a San Diego treatment facility. Lamar reluctantly went last August, and Khloe even had the place guarded to make sure Lamar did not leave. Unfortunately after three week, the NBA baller kicked rocks, and returned home.

He did however stay clean once he left rehab, and he went on to play a pretty good season with the Clippers, but after the season ended Lamar slipped right back into his drug use.

Recent reports say that Lamar even cheated on Khloe, and all this is what lead to her kicking him out of their home this past Wednesday when he refused her attempt at an intervention.

Lamar packed his things, left the house, and has been missing ever since. TMZ gained contact with a representative for Lamar who said that he was fine, however he would not say anything about his whereabouts.

Neither party has spoken publicly about the drug and separation rumors, but Khloe does seem frustrated with the whole thing since he tweeted this:

khloe tweet

Hopefully Lamar get his act together, and he and Khloe can work things out soon!

Source : TMZ 

 Written by Danie Buchanan

khloe-lamar-freddyo2The streets are watching! Word is that Lamar Odom has been cheating on wife Khloe Kardashian for more than a year with a woman named Jennifer Richardson. Check out the details inside…


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