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WATCH: Basketball Wives L.A. Season 4 Episode 5

bbwives laOn Monday nights (Aug 10) episode of Basketball Wives L.A. Draya introduces her friend Angel to the group and the girls Brandi and Malaysia see a new side of Draya. Also, a Q&A game turns physical and Meghan and Jackie’s friendship may be over.  READ MORE



Laura Govan was apart of a lot of the drama filing the Basketball Wives L.A. season that just ended. The reunion special shared a lot more about what happened over the season. Check out an interview with Laura as she discusses Jackie Christie, Bambi, her relationship with her sister Gloria, renaming the show and more. READ MORE


The REAL dirt comes out in the uncut version of the Basketball Wives Reunion show. Check out who ‘Black Santa Claus‘ really is, what rapper Bambi smashed and what Gloria REALLY said to Bambi!! Details all inside.  READ MORE

Did Gloria Cheat on Matt Barnes & Get Kicked To The Curb?

Matt Barnes breaks his silence via a tweet!

This twitter and facebook is really helping everyone get the skinny straight from the source.

How long did Gloria think MATT would keep things on the hush?

To top it all off she was cheating with one of his former friends/teammates. Talk about with friends like Matt’s you don’t need enemies.

Ok now I am confused because wasn’t it Gloria whom during the reunion show told John Salley that Matt was the only man she ever been with since she was 20? WOW!!!!

Talk about the Housewife/NOT/House-Girlfriend w/2 babies calling the Kettle Black. Didn’t she accuse Matt of cheating on her with Eva Longoria?


According to the LA Times:

Here’s the statement he released Wednesday through his publicist, Courtney Merfeld: “In May, Gloria and I decided to separate and in the best interest of her career, I foolishly agreed to portray that we were still together for the upcoming season of her show on VH1.

“As recently as August we decided to revisit a joint statement of our separation, but Gloria asked to delay making our separation public for the interest of her show. It is ironic now how Gloria is trying to manipulate the professional relationship between Eva Longoria and myself as the sole reason for our separation, when she knows we split up in May.”

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