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I Recently  sat down with Vhl Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co -star “Momma Dee” she is one character that keeps it real and lets you know what time it is. Boy did she have lots to say. One thing I can say is that I have mad respect for her and her movement and as she would put it  “And IN That Order.” I know you all have heard the buzz going around with Momma Dee on the stripper pole. Many fans took to twitter to ask her and even her son who is cast member Lil Scrappy why would would she do a thing like that. According to Scrappy, “Momma is beautiful and she has a nice body. I tell her get your money.”

According to Mama Dee ” In all reality women now days try to get poles in their bedroom to keep their husband’s/boyfriends from going to the strip clubs.  There are actual pole dancing classes available. Mama Dee said she just wanted to show the ladies how you are suppose to do and still have class. It’s not all about taking off your clothes.  Momma Dee said, as K. Michelle another cast member of the show said, “SHUT UP”.  Don’t worry about what I got going “AND IN THAT ORDER.” She went on to say I love me and Scrappy’s fans and I thank you all for your

support just sometimes some people take things out of content and you got to put them back in check. READ MORE

Things got crazy on the 5 episode if vh1’s hit realilty show love and Hip Hop ATL. VH1 gave a full recap of what happen on last night episode check out part of it below …. READ MORE

Kandi Koated Nights was definitely on 10! Especially with the topic being “Do you have a bitter ex that won’t go away?” Who would be more than appropriate to have on the show thank, Lil Scrappy and Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright on the show who BOTH have industry ex’s and storylines behind the breakups that have made FRONT PAGE HEADLINE and radio news. WOW! Check out the show and you be the jury.

Ok so all was good in “Love and Hip Hop” with Lil Scrappy revealing secret tips given to him from “Momma D” about what to do when a woman is hitting a man and he is just sitting there defenseless.

“MeMpHiTz” was very respectful in his explanation of what was rumored to happen between him and an artist  “Lies Travel fast!” said “MeMpHiTz”. READ MORE

Last night I got to attend the premiere party of VH1’s new reality series Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  The party was at Frank Ski’s one of the top wine and food lounges in Atlanta. Shout to CakeCafeAtlanta the cake was great!!!

All of the cast members came out to watch the first of the 10 episode show that is about to change all of their lives. I can remember like it was yesterday being there for the beginning of RHOA, Football Wives, Tiny and Toya, and College Hill Atlanta.  It’s going to be crazy how these people that you never knew will become part of everyday conversation.

In the first episode we will not know who’s going to take over the show, but Stevie J and Meme are going to make some noise for sure.  And please be advised they are going to go in and I know that Atlanta and all the people in the city are going to be talking.  But instead of hating lets congratulate them and check them out this season. READ MORE