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Drake’s involvement in Aaliyah’s new posthumous single “Enough Said” is getting mixed reviews from fans online.  MTV News reports the pro-Drizzy crowd took to Twitter after the song was posted online this weekend, thanking the Toronto rapper for continuing the late R&B singer’s legacy.  But not everyone is on board.  Twitter-user @tiphonic said “Drake’s obsession” with Aaliyah — he sports two tattoos honoring the singer — is a little scary.  Others also said frequent Aaliyah collaborators Timbaland and Missy Elliott should be involved in any new music from the singer, a point Timbaland agrees with.  The producer said in an April radio interview that “it would not be right” for Drake to go forward with a new Aaliyah project without himself and Elliott.

“Enough Said” is rumored to be the first single from an entire posthumous album from Aaliyah, which Drake may be executive producing.  However, the record and its possible production team have yet to be confirmed.

reports over the past few weeks there has been talks of an Aaliyah posthumous album (executive produced by Drake and his producing partner Noah ’40′ Shebib) as well as talks of a biopic which has been going on for years. READ MORE

Lil Wayne is offering an explanation for his controversial decision to pull Young Money label mate Nicki Minaj from Hot 97’s Summer Jam earlier his month.


The rapper says it’s simple – Nicki was being disrespected. Lil Wayne tells MTV he believes Nicki as a female “deserves the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how.” Minaj backed out her performance at the June 3rd concert on Lil Wayne’s prompt after DJ Peter Rosenberg called her song “Starships” “wack” in front of the crowd.

Wayne took to Twitter after the insult to say that Young Money artists would not perform at Summer Jam. Minaj also tweeted that while she always goes above and beyond for her fans, she would never go against Wayne’s word, adding, “What he says goes.” READ MORE

The cover art on Nas’ new album is fueling speculation. The rapper is seen holding a green wedding dress draped across his lap which is very similar to the dress his ex-wife, R&B singer Kelis wore on their wedding day. READ MORE

Singer/Actress Ciara 26 recently spoke about her up coming 5th studio album. During the MTV sneak-special of her upcoming movie,‘That’s My Boy’ – the Adam Sandler comedy , Ciara broke news about the album! She revealed not only its title, but as well as the first single. Check out the video below:


Ice Cube is thawing out some new lyrics for a new album. The hip-hop vet has been doing more acting than rapping lately but is ready to get back into the game. In doing so he says he’s sticking to the formula that works for him. He tells MTV fans can expect “Hardcore, West Coast hip-hop.” It’s what he says he does best and what his fans expect from him.
Cube’s still working on a title for his new set but says he’s leaning toward something like “Everything’s Corrupt.” The rapper’s last album, “I Am The West, ” was released in 2010. Since then, Cube has added three more films and a TV series to his acting resume. He recently appeared in the big screen comedy “21 Jump Street,” playing the role of the police captain supervisor for Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

And here’s the news everyone and they mama been waiting for. MTV reports Ice Cube is almost done  with his latest installment to his follow-up to the 1995 original comedy “Friday”. READ MORE

Rihanna Talks “Battleship,” Karaoke

Rihanna is talking up her acting debut in the upcoming action flick “Battleship.” The singer participated in a question-and-answer session with MTV and her “Battleship” co-stars Monday night, saying she was “extremely blown away” by the final product. The Barbadian pop star also said she was a bit “weirded out” seeing herself on the big screen, especially when she heard herself speaking in an American accent on screen.

Being a newcomer to film, Rihanna says she was a “wreck” when she first started working on “Battlefield,” especially when Liam Neeson began shooting scenes with the cast.

Overall, Rihanna said it was a positive experience for her, adding that she had “good team” to learn from.

Rihanna’s “Battlefield” co-stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker also participated in the MTV Q&A which included footage of a never-before-seen clip of the action flick. “Battlefield” opens nationwide on May 18th. READ MORE