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Jennifer Hudson Releasing Tell-All Book


Jennifer Hudson isn’t done inspiring her fans to lose weight yet and be at healthy and fit as you can.


The songstress is soon to release a book entitled, “I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down”.


This book should be an inspiration to her fans and others who are trying to shed a few pounds.

Watch the video and make sure you tell me what you think? READ MORE

Lil’ Kim Releasing Book & Documentary

The Queen B, Lil’ Kim has announced plans to release a new book called The Price of Loyalty, and a untitled documentary. There has been no official release dates for either projects. It was not long ago the “No Time” rapper was sued for accepting money to write a book, but no book was written. Let’s hope this time the pint-sized rapper will finally write the book about her life. Kim spoke about both projects to Kay Slay and said,

“I’ve been independent READ MORE

Evelyn Lozada Lands Film and Book Deal With Cash Money

Well isn’t this interesting…it looks like Evelyn Lozada from the popular reality show, Basketball Wives:Miami has landed herself a book and film deal with  Cash Money Records literary division.

Season 4 of the BBW has started filming today and it looks like Evelyn has a lot to celebrate, Check inside for details about her new projects.

Evelyn wants you to know that she is more than a pretty face and an owner of a boutique as she takes a dab in a new business venture with Cash Money . It is reported that she has recently signed a 6 figure deal with Lil Wayne and Birdman’s Cash Money Content for the publication of a book and even a film. Cash Money Content, which just kicked off this year, is in partnership with Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.  And they also focus on turning literary works into films. READ MORE

Shaquille O’neal is about to tell all in a new book titled ‘Shaq Uncut: My Story’.

In the autobiography, he opens up about everything  from his beef with former L.A Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant, his days of writing love letters to Halle Berry and his newfound retired life.
He also gives details on what was really behind some of the basketball drama that led up to him threatening to kill Kobe, hazing rookies back in the day until he was ratted out by Kobe and how Kobe’s biggest dream was to become the “Will Smith” of the NBA.


T.I. Celebrates Release of New Book

My boi TIP has been out here grinding every since he was released from prison.  T.I. is  currently on a book tour. His first novel Power & Beauty: A love Story of Life on the Streets was released October 18th. READ MORE

Hill Harper Discusses New Book “The Wealth Cure”

The super talented Hill Harper will be releasing a  new book  August 23rd titled “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money In It’s Place”. If this book is anything like his previous books, “Letters To a Young Brother” and  “Letters To a Young Sister” (which both won awards) this will definitely be something that you need to have in your nook or on your bookshelf.  Harper recently did an interview with TT Torez from and gave a few details about what new book will cover. READ MORE