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Trump Ex-Aide Omarosa Reportedly Has Secret Recordings

When he was still running for president, Donald Trump promised he would bring only the “best people” into his administration, but one of those hires has now committed a “dramatic betrayal of trust,” per the Daily Beast, “[abandoning] years of professed loyalty to the president and … apparently [deciding] to profit off her years of closeness to Trump.”

Brother Of Reality TV Star Omarosa Killed In Ohio

Reality TV star Omarosa Manigault is mourning the loss of her brother. Jack Manigault was shot and killed last Sunday in Youngstown, Ohio. Jack was reportedly in bed with his girlfriend when her ex-boyfriend, Marco Cardenas, forced his way into the home and fired several shots. Jack attempted to flee the room, but collapsed from a gunshot wound to his head. Youngstown police found and arrested Cardenas a short time later. WYTV says Cardenas was arraigned on Tuesday on charges of murder, felonious assault, and aggravated battery. He entered a not guilty plea and is being held on a five-million dollar bond. READ MORE