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Ray Rice To Donate 2016 NFL Salary

Ray Rice, Janay Palmer

Ray Rice hasn’t played on an NFL field since his time with the Baltimore Ravens in 2013. In an infamous video, Rice struck his now-wife and knocked her unconscious in an elevator. The scandal broke national headlines and resulted in Rice being discharged from the NFL in 2014. In a new interview, he told USA TODAY that he will donate his entire 2016 NFL salary if he is drafted by a team.


Michael Jackson Tell-All Book!


Just when you think the media is finally going to let the King of Pop rest in peace, another story makes headlines. Conrad Murray, the previous physician of Michael Jackson, just announced that he wrote a book about secrets between himself and the star and it is MESSY!



The beautiful Kerry Washington is winning in life and business. As the heroine on ABC’s Scandal it’s sometimes easy to believe that Kerry Washington is a lot like her character Olivia Pope all-knowing and an engine that don’t need any help EVER. Kerry helped to dispel that myth by sharing she gets advice from her BFF Reese Witherspoon on business and she helps the star to SHINE!

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Quincy Brown and Karrueche Tran are spreading good cheer and putting smiles on a few kids’ faces in Haiti. Peep their do-gooder flicks and get the deets on Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler’s Flint benefit event on Oscar night andKerry Washington endorsing presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton inside….


Channing Dungey is making black history in black history month. She is now the head of ABC entertainment which makes her the first to African-American to head a major network. READ MORE


Gladiators you’ve waited long enough, are you ready for the sizzling hot return of Scandal. Season 5 returns with a surprise knock at Olivia Pope’s door, and it’s Senator Mellie Grant. Why would Mellie be there and what could she possibly want? Apparentlyshe wrote a book and wants Olivia to “help” her, now we all know Mellie always has a an ulterior motive.