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Yahya McClain, Bob Whitfield and Brad James

Yahya McClain, Bob Whitfield and Brad James

Actor Brad James Hosted a Tweet and Meet Viewing party to Kick off Season 3 of Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse and I must admit it was a great turnout, the episode did not disappoint, and Brad James is actually a very good actor! Not that I’m surprised or anything. We must admit Tyler Perry knows how to pick em. The show like Tyler’s other new shows is now airing on Oprah’s OWN Network. READ MORE

WATCH: Braxton Family Values Season 3 Episode 4


Braxton Family Values brought the drama yet again last night. We’ve got the episode inside if you missed it. READ MORE

Video: Sneak Peak Of Braxton Family Values, Season 3

The Braxtons are back and the diva-dial is set to maximum drama for season three of WE tv’s hit original series, Braxton Family Values, season 3 premiering Thursday, March 14 at 9PM ET/PT.  Sparks continue to fly amongst this sassy, outspoken and tight-knit group of women all striving for stardom while loving, laughing and fighting as only sisters can.


Sneak Peek at Basketball Wives Season 3

Like I suspected this season of Basketball Wives or Basketball Broads as I like to call them is full of cattiness and drama. It is hard to watch grown women act like this but I must admit it does make for good t.v. This season Royce fights with everyone and finds another “RANDOM” love. Evelyn and Tammi get into it because the Non Mother((&^% factor t-shirts are in production. (which I find hilarious by the way). Jen leaves Eric, Shaunie plays the innocent peace maker, the new chic in caught in the middle while Suzie still doesn’t have a clue.

Check out the video of all the drama.