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Nate Dogg Sex Tape : Coming To A Store New You!!!

A 5-minute sex tape featuring the late Nate Dogg and an unidentified female lover surfaced and it’s being shopped to various media outlets TMZ learned. The tape was shot several years ago and it’s pretty much what you’d expect, a lot of sex with two different positions with Luther Vandross playing in the back ground… LOL

Sources tell TMZ the person in possession of the tape is currently shopping it around to the usual porn studios. So far, no takers. I think this tape might be a hard one to sell!!! LOL

The rumors are out and for those of you who are on twitter and following “Basketball Wives: LA” star, Draya Michele found out last night that she may have a sex tape or tapes coming out!

She tweeted: READ MORE

Tupac’s Family Threatens Lawsuit Over Sex Tape

Earlier we told you first that there was indeed the existence of a sex tape featuring the late Tupac Shakur. His family has finally come forward about the allegations with lawsuits for anyone who is looking to buy and sell the tape. If the tape goes public the family spokesperson said this will become a huge legal battle. READ MORE

Photos From Tupac’s Sex Tape Leak!

We told you yesterday how there’s been a bidding frenzy for Tupac’s sex tape (click here for that story). Well today, TMZ has leaked pictures of the legendary rapper in the video that has yet to be bought by anyone. Check inside for some of the explicit pictures! READ MORE

Tupac Sex Tape Stirs Bidding Frenzy

There have been reports of video of the late and great Tupac Shakur having sex on camera and porn companies are in a bidding frenzy for the rights to the tape. Two adult film companies have come forward offering close to 6 figure deals to buy and sell this footage. According to TMZ the owner of the tape is negotiating deals which is said to feature Pac receiving oral sex from a woman while rapping on camera. READ MORE

According to recent reports by TMZ, a mysterious buyer has been trying to get their hands on the rights to the Ray J/Kim Kardashian sextape, which undoubtably made her famous. The buyer, who has gone unnamed, hired a laywer in Tennessee to contact to purchase the rights to the ‘Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.’ They want all of the raw footage, unused footage and outtakes that never made it to video. They want anything “that involves Ms. Kardashian.”

While the co-star of the sex tape was never mentioned, Ray J wants a piece of the action too. The video is worth $30 million according to Steve Hirsch, the owner of READ MORE