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It looks like “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” reality star Geneva Thomas has taken the title of the show way too literally.

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Video: Sneak Peak of Ciara “Sorry” Video

Ciara went to her Twitter last night to let her fans have a sneak preview of her new video for single, “Sorry.”

Check out inside to see the snippet of the video: READ MORE

UPDate Below: Bow Wow found himself explaining to Ciara, he’s not felling her new music. Sources say Bow Wow followed Ciara last week on Twitter and sent a follow up Tweet to her.

Ciara premiered her first single “Sweat” on Twitter to her fans. Which led ex-boyfriend Bow Wow to unfollow her, due to having the same “Sweat” song title as him. He then retweeted a tweet saying the following, “@ciara sooooo bow wow latest single was called sweat to…..oh??“ Bow and Lil Wayne dropped their original song Sweat 3 months ago. READ MORE