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The Game Reunites With G-Unit Member Lloyd Banks In Dubai

Hip-hop is very drama filled due to the massive egos involved within the genre. Those same egos are needed to become successful, to a degree, what results is a lot of feuds and eventual reconciliations.



Yesterday it was reported that the Game may be losing $10 million to Priscilla Rainey over a sexual assault lawsuit.

The Compton rapper wasted no time responding to the allegations of the lawsuit and the potential loss of money. Yesterday he posted a pic on Instagram with a healthy paragraph of his thoughts on the situation.


The Game Takes a $10 Million L in Sexual Assualt Lawsuit


Jayceon Taylor who is better known by his rap name, The Game, has started off his Black History Month by losing a $10 million lawsuit by default.

Priscilla Rainey, who used to be a contestant on the reality show “She’s Got Game,” filed a lawsuit against the Game alleging that she was forcibly touched inappropriately on her butt and vagina.


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