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PHOTOS: Toni Braxton HONORED at the 2016 BMI Awards!!!!


The beautiful and legdendary Toni Braxton was honored at the 2016 BMI Awards hosted in the ATL over the night for her tremendous contribution to the arts. The lovely starlet was surrounded by her loving family, her boo Birdman, and some of the biggest and brightest stars in the R&B/HIP HOP spectrum. I had the privilege of taking photos and enjoying the moment with my girl. Toni Braxton is truly a living legend and she’s enjoying her success.



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Toni Braxton is finally speaking out and clarifying a couple things from the Unbreak My Heart biopic.  And you may be shocked to hear what she had to say about L.A. Reid.  Get it inside, plus she’s selling her Calabasas mansion for millions….

Now that we know the Unbreak My Heart biopic was a major hit for Lifetime, powerhouse singer Toni is speaking up about a few things she wants to clear up.  While we ALL thought L.A. Reid pulled the same “I’m going to gift you something using YOUR money” stunt he and wife Pebbles allegedly pulled with TLC, Toni said that’s not the case.

Here’s what she posted to her FB page this week:

Have you guys seen the numbers…Wow!

Thanks so much for believing in me! I wish I could thank you all individually, but who I do have to thank is Pebbles! As I mentioned in my Memoir, She’s done nothing in my career except support me. She was very influential in helping me develop my sense of style; without her, I would still be carrying my Dooney & Bourke bag and a Liz Claiborne triangle designer purse .

In addition, I have to thank L.A. Reid as well. The Porsche we bet on was a gift purchased with his own personal funds. I’ve been holding my breath all weekend long…but now, thanks to YOU all, I can finally Breathe Again!!!

Ha.  Chick is making SURE Pebbles and ’em don’t come with the legal papers.

In other news, Toni is selling her 5,323 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms Calabasas mansion.  According to reports , she’s selling it for $3.495 million, close to half a million more than she paid for it back in 2014.




Toni hasn’t said why she’s selling the single-story French Country farmhouse McMansion, but if all the other times she sold her homes is any indication, she likely wants to free up some cash.

braxton-family-values-s4On last nights episode of Braxton Family Values, Traci confronts the sisters and tries to explain that  she’s been being so distant because of their lack of support. Tamar promotes her spring fashion line in NYC. Trina recruits bartenders for her new spot Bar Chix. Toni invites Traci to sing during her show at a major jazz festival but Traci gets overwhelmed at soundcheck.  Watch all the drama below in the latest episode of Braxton Family Values. READ MORE

BFV_415-Gallery_5_768x611On this episode of Braxton Family Values, the sisters head to LA to celebrate with Toni, who was nominated for her 7th Grammy.   Trina goes on her first date since filing for divorce and Towanda starts her new gig as the host for a new show for songwriters.  Tamar wants to reconnect with her sisters but it backfires when her Atlanta concert comes up.  Catch up with the Braxton Sisters below.

Photos: Trina Braxton celebrates her 40th birthday bash with family and friends at ILounge !


My girl Traci Braxton is staring in WE tv’s Marriage Bootcamp that airs tonight. Last night they had a premiere party that was star-studded.

Traci and Kevin
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Tamar Braxton did her thing last night at the Atlanta Fabulous Fox Theater. She tore the stage up and had the audience wanting more and more and more. Tamar Braxton is  the opening act for John Legend – Made to Love Tour. Her performance was AMAZING!

Check out my awesome pictures of Tamar Braxton and FAMILY.


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bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye7The sisters share giggles at Tamar’s shower, Toni gets back to the music with Babyface, Mama Evelyn and her new friend get closer, and a shocking revelation about Traci’s husband is revealed. This season finale was bananas! Here’s what you may have missed…

Toni and Towanda set out to go buy some gifts for the Tamar shower, and would you look where they ended up? bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye1Tees and Quotes, baby! Our home here at! We’ve been spotted! Thanks for the support, Braxton sisters!

The girls end up buying some T-shirts that say some classic Tamar phrases, like “get your life.” How cute! Towanda also grills Toni about getting back to her music, and Toni says she’s contemplating getting back to work with Babyface. bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye2Toni is still hesitant about making music again, and wants to make the decision on her own time. She tells Tamar about Babyface’s suggestion about possibly doing an album together, and how this isn’t the best time for her to retire. After much urging from Tamar, she decides to un-retire and get back to the music.



Tamar has been told that she’s getting a little too chubby with her pregnancy, so she’s been ordered to get a little exercise in. On a stroll with Traci and Trina, she tells them how being pregnant is a bit of a struggle, and can’t wait for it to be over so she can get back on stage. bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye3She’s been hiding the baby bump for some time, and Trina politely reminded her that she would start showing soon. Tamar’s anxiety is getting worse by the minute, which is understood since this is her first pregnancy.

Mama Evelyn and her new man-friend Darryl seem to be hitting it off really good. The two go on a golfing date, and there was so much innuendo and flirting between them, our TVs got hot! bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye4Evelyn suggests that Darryl meet the girls, and he agrees. Looks like he’ll be around the Braxtons for a little while!

The sisters get together for The Tamar Shower, a party they threw just to celebrate Tamar becoming a new mom. They playfully tease her by making up songs about her, much like she does to them. They even did their own version of the dance craze the Harlem Shake, which was hilarious! bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye12

bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye13They also handed out the t-shirts with her infamous catch phrases on them. bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye8

It’s all good until Toni reveals that she’s moving again – back to Atlanta. Tamar is clearly hurt because she’s smack in the middle of her pregnancy and feels that she doesn’t have enough support around her.bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye9 Tamar’s just a little scared to be alone, but doesn’t realize she’s got her whole family behind her, no matter where they are.

Toni finally meets up with Babyface to do a photo shoot for his new music project. bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye10The two begin talking about their love lives, divorces, and new relationships. Toni realizes that it’s definitely time to get back to the music, based on their conversation alone. bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye11With their experiences, good music is sure to come out of it.

Mama Evelyn and the girls have lunch with Darryl. Everyone is a little nervous at first to start a conversation but soon the ice is broken. bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye14All but Traci is having a good time with Darryl asking him questions about his background. Traci gets quiet really quickly but also gets a little rude. Mama Evelyn said her negativity isn’t needed at the table and asks her to leave, and Traci gets up before she can even say “goodbye.” Traci is upset because last week, Mama E told the girls not to get in her business but the girls were asking Darryl all sorts of questions and she thought it was out of line.

But is that all that’s bothering Traci? Seems kind of small to be such a big deal. And of course Towanda knew just why Traci got upset, and it’s bigger than Mama Evelyn and her date. Another bombshell is dropped – Traci’s husband may have another child from an extramarital affair. And jaws hit the floor! bfvs3e13-freddyo-missjaye15The sisters start making plans to find out if this is true without Traci’s consent, and Trina is the only one that reminds them that’s not a good idea, because Traci will loose it.
What a way to leave us hanging! We may not find out about this possible baby until BFV comes back on the air, but we wish Traci the best, no matter the outcome.

Watch the entire episode here:

What did you think of the season finale of Braxton Family Values?

Braxton-Family-Values-e1301665659349Mama Evelyn decides it’s time to get back into the dating game by going on some blind dates, Toni hosts a screening for her first lead in a movie, and Trina agrees to move forward with the sister’ store without Gabe on this episode of Braxton Family Values.

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