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Tammy Rivera and Wacka Flocka!


Tammy Rivera and her husband Wacka Flocka have been really going through it for a couple of months now and things are finally coming to a good turn around for the both of them. Tammy’s birthday is today and she got it started right by taking a friendly trip to Jamaica with some of her closest friends including Bambi from LHHATL!

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Waka and Tammy were separated because Tammy knew for a fact that he wasn’t being faithful amongst other things. The two have such a special and close bond and my thing is no one can ever tell you about the one who has your heart, ever!


Love can make you see things in only one perspective which is probably exactly what Tammy was doing for so long until she made a point that she deserved better and a separation is what was needed to emphasize her seriousness behind that decision.


Wacka’s post was very heartfelt and he is trying everything in his power to try and get his family back. She loves him with everything in her and he does as well so I think Wacka really just needs to stay focused and keep fighting for what is his.



Emphasis On The Past Tense Please!

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From the looks of things it seems as though Wacka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera are not with one another anymore. I’m not sure who really cares but those two were going strong for a minute and I thought they were going to be good but clearly not. Tammy confirmed their break up with a comment under her post that indicted Wacka “Was” lucky to have her oppose to “Is” lucky.

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Not to long ago, Chief Keef’s baby momma was all in the mix of their relationship and instigating things when she kept posting pictures of Wacka as her #MCM. Do you all remember that? Now, I have no idea if that actually has anything to do with it but if it does that is just too much.

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Social media in that sense is the devil, but if Wacka really was messing around and that be the cause of their break-up I feel terrible and hopeless. Why do males not abide by the 80/20 rule? You never leave that 80 to mess around with that 20. It makes much more sense to work on that 80 percent and keep a home happy!

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I hope everything works out for the best!


The city of Atlanta is ready to go back to work after re-electing my friend and homie.  Kasim Reed the 14th mayor after he was sworn in for his second term along side members of Atlanta’s City Council.


One of Reed’s top priority during his second term is taking on the city’ nearly $1 billion backlog of road projects, pothole repairs and other infrastructure needs. Mayor Reed plans to seek a bond referendum worth up to $250 million, which voters would have to approve in order to fund the project.


My girl R&B singer/Monica Brown was in the building to sing God bless America. Monica is such a sweetheart, and brought Deb Antney (Waka Flocka’s mom) there to put her in a different mindset, from all her funeral sadness and because Deb Antney still wanted to support her great city and Mayor Reed.


The two along side her Aunt and manager Melinda had a ladies day out … Mo always tells me “its so important women support  each other” .. READ MORE

Watch : Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Episode 6

Last nights episode of Love and Hip Hop was filled with drama here’s part of  what VH1 had to say. READ MORE

Wacka Flocka Camp Speaks Out About False Gay Sex Tape


I was lost for words after watching  Mediatakeout video of Jordan Monroe who claims that he was NEGOTIATING with rapper Wacka Flocka’s management to have him appear in a adult film. And not just any adult film. One with Wacka and THREE DUDES. I reached out to Wacka’s people and they told me that it is all false and everything that guy is saying was made up. Here’s what they said:

“It’s a complete made up lie, and completely flabbergasted everyone over at Mizay Entertainment. It is sad to see people trying to always bring him down but it never works. Wacka’s a soldier and will always win in the end”

Here is the video  and paper work that Jordan Monroe posted. Please  tell me what you think? READ MORE


Gucci and his protege Wacka Flocka did their thing in a major way at Birthday Bash 15. Jeezy was there giving out thug motivation, and Plies was as goonish as ever. Two things these artists have in common besides being black and rap…they have enough ice to fill any glass, and enough ink to write a few novels. Also in attendance was Pastor Troy…yeah PT cruiser came back out for a quick cameo, and my man Rocko. Shout out to Belvedere for keeping the bottles popping and drink flowing backstage, where it really went down. Check out all the pictures below. READ MORE