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Remy Martin has definitely “been around” since her release from prison after six and a half years.  She shared the cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine with her husband, Papoose, she has a new mixtape coming out, she ripped the stage in New York’s B.B. Kings, and today she stopped by Wendy to talk about Nicki Minaj, her love story, life as a mom and so much more.

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Former Xscape member and co-star to VH1’s “Family Hustle” Tiny talks on the Wendy couch.

And she keeps it all the way real about her plastic surgery enhancements and her current status with husband TI.


tyler-perry-kim-kardashianAs we all know, Tyler Perry is one of the few Black Self Made Millionaire(No. 6 Forbes) filmmakers whom have mastered the art of spending under $10 Million bucks to make a movie and doubling back on his money opening weekend. What does that spell? P-R-O-F-I-T! Not FAILURE! If ANYBODY was paying attention that knew anything about FILM perhaps Tyler Perry’s use of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Williams was READ MORE

I’m sitting here with my *blank stare at the TV Monitor and mouth WIDE OPEN
. I guess all I can say is “Whoa”. Wendy did keep it real. Which leads to my next question….When does keeping it too real go wrong?  So, Cynthia Bailey sat on the sofa and she did very much have that “deer in the headlight” look on her face when Wendy Williams made the statement “No, Cynthia I have a problem with you.”


In response to Cynthia’s statement to Wendy regarding Wendy having a problem with Cynthia and NeNe’s friendship. She told Cynthia she comes off as spineless and she never takes up for herself. Wendy admitted that she was displeased with Peter as well. READ MORE