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Young Jeezy Buy’s New House


Rapper Young Jeezy is doing it BIG with the purchase of his new 1.5M Georgia mansion. Check out the details below. READ MORE

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Rapper T.I. is getting his paper up by investing in historic downtown Atlanta by opening up a new upscale restaurant. Pretty soon you will be able to dine at the King’s very own restaurant. This is HUGE!
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Weapons Charges Against Jeezy Dropped

Rapper Jeezy is catching a break in the gun possession case against him over weapons found on his tour bus back in August.

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The homie Jeezy is using his fame to motivate young people who are in trouble with the law. Video obtained by the “Detroit Free Press” shows Jeezy speaking about his own experiences to children at the Wayne County Juvenile Detention center in Detroit Friday.

T.I. and Jeezy Working on a Joint Album ?


Tip and Jeezy have been teasing us with the idea of a joint project for years, but now it looks like it may actually come to fruition. TIP and Jeezy were both at New York’s Power 105’s Powerhouse and they talked about the possibility of a joint project.

Speed Bumps

Gucci Mane is showing that some beefs die HARD! He proves this with his latest track “Speed Bumps” where he is taking shots at Young Jeezy!

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Young Jeezy Is Being Sued By Mystery Rapper!


Young Jeezy is being sued by a Wisconsin rapper for ripping him off! However, this rapper and his “hit song” that was jacked cannot be found anywhere???

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Jeezy & Moet

Bishop T.D. Jakles is suing Young Jeezy for sampling a sermon in his new album “Seen It All: The Autobiography”.

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