Terrell Owens  can’t seem to get things together when it comes to his baby mama drama . Owens appeared on Dr. Phil with three of his — in Dr. Phil’s words — baby mamas to try to work out some of the drama and now it looks like he’s headed to jail if he misses court again.  Owens told an Atlanta radio station that, despite professional setbacks and bad investments, he’s not broke.

Still, T.O. conceded that his “circumstances have changed.” And those circumstances could change again — into jail time — if he doesn’t start making his child-support payments. CBS reports according to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, Owens is $20,000 behind on his child-support payments to Melanie Smith, the mother of their seven-year-old daughter. Smith says that Owens previously agreed to pay $5,000 a month.


“It’s a tragedy, not only that we are here today.

This is the third case she has had to file in the last year,” Smith’s attorney Randy Kessler told WSB.


Owens’ attorney David Hartin took responsibility for his client’s absence blaming poor communication. The trial has been rescheduled for July 19 and if T.O. is again a no-show he could face time behind bars.

Owens, 38, reiterated that he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

“My numbers speak for themselves,” he added. “It’s not a matter of performance, I think everyone saw that my last year in Cincinnati. Once I get on the field I play football. Everything else is out the window.”

First things first: He should plan on showing up in court next week.

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