Damn, I wish someone would PAY me to shut my mouth. I guess that is some people’s ticket out of the recession.  Tiger and  Rachel Uchitel, his FIRST mistress must had serious rendevous for him to pay her to keep quiet. She was getting ready to run her mouth at a tell-all press conference, before Team Woods made a huge offer (not another married athlete)  she couldn’t resist.   Sidenote:  Since when does a mistress have a lawyer? She threw salt on the green because she knew he would pay her not to sing like a birdie.

In other tales from crypts  Tiger mistresses, Joslyn James told a sports talk radio show that Wood’s didn’t like her doing adult films so she stopped.  This was a sideline chick. Why  would he care what she did anyhow?  She didn’t think Woods’ apology was real. She said she could understand why his friends are acting all surprised  . They knew of his 3 year affair with her.  Hey Tiger, the answer will not fall from the sky…. -Courtney L.

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