Why can’t we all just leave Chris Brown alone? Yes, he may have a little temper, but the full Frank Ocean incident is still very unclear of who started what. WELL now NBA star, Tony Parker, is allegedly trying to use Brown vs. Ocean fight in his lawsuit against a New York City nightclub. Details inside.

tony-parker4TMZ reports, Tony Parker has filed a $20 million lawsuit against W.i.P. nightclub claiming they should have never let Chris Brown in last June 2012 when the fight started between Brown and Drake. The fight that took place left Parker with a shard of glass piercing his cornea.

New legal documents have been filed in the case that are claiming Chris Brown’s fight over a parking space with Frank Ocean is proof that he is unfit to socialize in places where his temper could flair. The fight between Brown’s team and Drake’s team was allegedly over Rihanna. He ALSO makes references to the beating of Rihanna via Chris Brown during their relationship.
Parker believes he has plenty of evidence to win over W.i.P

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