By all accounts, Travis Scott puts on one hell of a show. Unfortunately, he also seems to have a strange habit of falling off stages and his latest topple may have cost Drake a small fortune.

Drake and Young Thug thought it would be a great idea to bring out La Flame at the London stop of Drizzy’s Boy Meets World tour at the O2 arena on Wednesday, and though the crowd was thrilled, things went a little haywire. Unfamiliar with the arena, Travis apparently totally missed the gigantic hole in the middle of the stage. He walked right into it.

Drake helped him out of the hole immediately and Travis kept right on performing his latest single “Goosebumps.” That’s comendable, and everything might have been okay… except that fall apparently broke Drake’s giant, inflatable globe that serves as the centerpiece of his stage, and ruined his show.

Drake announced several times throughout the concert that he’d set up refunds for everybody in attendance, and began calling it a free show, but he continued his set giving the fans the performance they came for to the best of his ability.

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Eventually he signed off by telling the crowd “London, England, I love you, I hope you enjoyed the free show,” before a mic drop and that was that. So those in attendance might want to send a courtesy thank you to Travis for all of their returned euros. As for Young Thug, well he took to Instagram to accept fault for the snafu, even though he didn’t really do anything but bring his buddy around.

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