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Orlando really seems to be a “deathly” place at the moment because we keep getting unfortunate report after unfortunate report regarding that area. Yesterday, in Orlando, Florida police were looking for a missing two year old, Lane Graves, who was apparently lured into the lagoon by an alligator that night.

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The beach resort that this family was staying at apparently has had problems with alligators before but neglected to warn this family about them. However, that is no excuse to have your two year old roaming the beach at night with no supervision. That is actually an extreme case of negligence that needs to be investigated as well.

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The police kept looking for the boy all night but honestly after a good 5  to 10 minutes if you can’t find your two year old in a lagoon filled with alligators there is only one solution to what obviously happened to him. The police finally found the body of the two year old today in the lagoon and the site was a sad one to witness.

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Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of this little boy because I can only imagine what is going through his parents head right now!

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