The bad boy of rnb is back at it again as he has been charged with another D.U.I. and 2 other charges while driving in L.A……

Bobby Brown was pulled over Wednesday morning at 1am after an L.A. police officer noticed him driving recklessly.  After being pulled over the officer smelled alcohol on his breath he was taken in.

This is Bobby’s second D.U.I. as he was already charged and convicted for one in 1996.  He is facing up to 2 years in jail for his recent offense.   On top of all this, he is looking at a probation violation for all this as well.

In other news, TMZ reports that Bobby is seriously consider rehab after getting charged with this D.U.I.  Bobby’s freinds are saying that the arrest was a blessing and a curse as he seems to have finally come to terms and realized that he has a drinking problem.

Bobby has been in rehab for drinking in the past but didn’t truly believe he had an issue with drinking so didn’t take the treatment as serious.  And as we all know the first step to curing alcohol abuse is admitting you have a problem.

Lets hope now that Bobby has step one down he follows through with the 12 step program for real this time.

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