This morning we reported that there was an alleged Sex Tape of Usher Raymond and his Ex-Wife Tameka Foster. As of now the rumors have now been confirmed and the tape does exist and is in circulation. TMZ confirms this new and if TMZ says so it’s true. They reported that after viewing the shot clip, it’s the two and they are both givers in the scene.

My question is who leaked the tape? Could it have been stolen out of usher’s car along with the millions of dollars worth of merchandise when he was out shopping two Christmases ago? Maybe? Or did the contributing factors in fact leak it themselves for press? Who knows, but I know this tape is going to be the #1 hot commodity for the rest of the year.

Tameka is taking light of the situation, she mentioned little jokes about it via Twitter:

NEWSFLASH!! BREAKING NEWS! GUESS WHAT??!! ▸▸▸ I have copulated w/my husband! O_O. Why is this news again?? – Tameka Raymond

Tameka and @NecoleBitchie had a conversation via twitter about the alleged tape, and that Necole will be watching it if in fact leaked.

Check Out Twitter Conversation:

@tamekaraymond It would be a bit of news if you were using anal beads and a strap on. I’m not sure I want to know how boring or poppin your sex life was…but I will def take a peek if it leaks. I think…Don’t judge me

Her reply was simply:

Girl no worries, so will I. Sheesh, I’m just wondering when, where, and if my hair was done??!! Yikes! The little things Smh

Dang! Usher and Tameka must have been getting it in everywhere if she can’t remember when and where. So lets expect a possible Volume 1,2,3,4 etc. to be released. LOL

A spokesperson for Vivid Entertainment (distributor of Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sex tape) claims that sex tapes actually help celebrities careers versus hurt them:

Celebrity sex tapes are the ultimate voyeuristic high. They let us watch people we know and care about — in the most intimate of situations. Who can really look away? Celebrities having wild and enthusiastic sex has helped make ‘public’ sex more acceptable for the rest of us — at least to watch. And the more celebrities do it, the fewer consequences they face in their own lives.”

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