August Alsina

R&B singer August Alsina got into with a promoter backstage at the #StateofEmergency Concert! The New Orleans native was backstage to confront the promoter, Loose Cannon, due to issues with the concert’s DJ. What started off as a simple discussion, turned ugly pretty quick!

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It seems that bad boy August Alsina had a pretty interesting night at the State of Emergency Concert! What was suppose to be a night filled with music honoring Mike Brown turned into something ugly backstage!

Alsina’s performance rocked the house; however, the DJ was messing up the music during the performances. He went backstage to take up the issue with the event’s promoter, Loose Cannon, but it did not go exactly the way he expected. The “Testimony” artist ended up getting into a heated argument with rapper Lil STL and Loose Cannon, and someone from Cannon’s entourage swung on Alsina. It quickly turned into chaos backstage. Apparently, the entire entourage tried to swing on Yung Aug, but were extremely unsuccessful thanks to his security guards!

Check out the video below:

Once again, the security are the real MVPs! What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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