On the opening night of the 2013 Essence Festival, crowds were treated to stellar performances from the ladies of R&B starting with the home girl Jill Scott.

Jilly from Philly gave an awesome performance and discussed having a customed made grill by Paul Wall and what inspires her beauty and fashion wise.

Check it out after the break!

The home girl Jill Scott rocked the stage at the 2013 Essence Festival this past weekend. Her powerful vocals had us begging for more. In the clip above Jill Scott performed her hit song “The Real Thing” on the main stage and then conduct an exclusive interview with the media. Jill Scott talks about her custom-made grill by Rapper Paul Wall. Can you picture Jill Scott with a grill? We would love to see a close up picture of that grill! Jill also discussed what inspires her in regards to beauty and fashion. Jill mentioned that she is currently rocking a  and her beauty/fashion inspirations which include hair styles. She said stay tuned for 30 new hairstyles this year. She is currently rocking loc extensions.

Jill Scott is hilarious with her dealing with the media. She told one reporter to ask another question. We love how she keeps it real with her responses.

Special thanks to Sound Savvy for the video.

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