And the drama continues. Real Housewives of Atlanta newest member, Kenya Moore, is somewhat of a confused meets ratchet combination. She may not all be there upstairs because last week she was trying to grind on Phaedra‘s husband and this week she attacks Porsha. See details inside.

The couples vacation in Anguilla is still underway and the couples are having a lot of time together. Porsha and Kenya seem to be trying to get along, but the two have a cat fight by the end of the episode. Porsha gets asked by the other ladies to rehash how she first met Kenya and let the games begin. Porsha was describing the charity event and Kenya went NUTS! The word ‘bit#h‘ was tossed around left and right.

Nene managed to separate the ladies and Kenya was full steam ahead in continuing to vent and lash out on Porsha from afar.  Kenya decided to make a big scene on her age of 40 and that she is, ‘GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS.”


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