If you really know “R&B Diva” Keke Wyatt you know she doesn’t trust men.
Sources reports the singer made this perfectly clear in a recent episode of the new TV One hit, “R&B Divas.”

The show is credited with giving the network its biggest premiere episode ratings in like, forever. Wyatt says her distrust of men is exactly why she won’t let her current man, Michael, out of her sight. Looks like Mike, who seems like a really nice guy, is paying for the sins of those who came before him.
In an upcoming episode, Wyatt goes deep and gives details on the events and experiences that led her to be the woman we see today. She recalls the abusive relationships, bad marriage, and that horrible stabbing incident in 2002.
“I don’t trust men because the last one I had lied, left me alone all the time, and he cheated,” says Wyatt.
When we learned that Wyatt had stabbed her ex-husband in a violent attack, we wondered what happened. In an attempt to explain herself, and, you know, clear things up, Wyatt says she stabbed him in self defense.
“What happened was I was with old buddy, stabbed him (in self defense), but of course people don’t want to see it like that,” Wyatt tells the other women in a preview clip.
“I had a marriage where there was domestic violence going on and I did stab the guy, but I was trying to save my life. When you’re in that situation and you know you have a baby in the other room and the last thing you want to do is let your baby walk in on a dead mommy, you’re going to do whatever it takes.”
Well alrighty then.

“R&B Divas” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on TV One.

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